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"If I can be a presenter & filmmaker, you can too!"

When I was thrown into the world of Wildlife Filmmaking twenty years ago, I didn’t have any experience being a television presenter. Right before the cameras started rolling, I found myself having a massive panic attack in front of a dozen crew members including National Geographic executives and producers. My palms and forehead were sweating. I could feel my heart beating in my head. And worst of all, one of my eardrums blocked and I could hear my voice resonating in my head when I spoke. I managed to pull it together and flung myself into a pile of elephant dung and tried to present coherently about dung beetles and decomposition on camera. From that first day, digging through elephant poo, I learned as I went from one shoot to the next. I didn’t have any mentors. I certainly didn’t have any local wildlife presenters who offered to coach me, show me how to work more effectively through my nerves, be more confident and authentic on camera, and help me be a more effective leader in my industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt immense gratitude to have landed a dream job traveling the world, working with incredible wildlife, meeting amazing people and being immersed in cultures around the globe. But that only seemed to exacerbate the anxiety and issues I faced. Internally I was struggling to be as confident as I needed to portray myself on camera. Am I worthy? What gives me the right to be here? They're going to find out I am a phony. Why did I feel this way? Because I didn’t have the resources available to me to nurture the skills I felt like I was lacking. There was nobody I could talk to who had been in my shoes, who understood what I was going through. 

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Over the years I gained a wealth experience working in the industry as a presenter, cameraman, producer, and editor, but at times it was frustrating, discouraging, and exhausting. I basically only had experience along the way as my guide. 

That’s why I’m dong this for you...right now.

I am here today for you, as someone who has had immense success in the industry as an award winning filmmaker and TV host. My shows have enjoyed success broadcast in 147 countries and translated into 25 languages working with channels including National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Channel Five UK, and Animal Planet — and I am saying to you:

Let me help you get ahead with your goals of becoming a wildlife presenter or natural history filmmaker. Let me share industry insights and strategies that will move you forward. Whether it is breaking into the industry, or breaking through imposter syndrome. Let me help you be more relaxed and authentic on camera. Let me help you develop the insight into professional productions, how to break into the industry, the business side, the mindset, and the skills that are required to produce professional wildlife films and documentaries."

I’m here for you, every week. So let’s do this!

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That is my offer to YOU: To help you gain the skills you need, faster and to answer questions that you face along the way…so that you never feel alone trying to struggle through the process, going through what I had to with a lack of resources available to you. 

I go on camera to ANSWER MEMBER QUESTIONS NEXT WEEK. You’ll be there, growing with us, or you’ll be somewhere else. 

I say, choose training. Choose to get new skills to improve your wildlife filmmaking or presenting journey. Choose to challenge yourself. Choose to get some perspective from someone whose been there.

Choose to be extraordinary and get the training you need now.

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Learn More & Get My FREE Video Training Now!
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Rasmus T

"Thank you so much for the amazing resources you're creating! Both your trainings, the Facebook group, and the podcasts are by far the best resources I’ve found when it comes to wildlife filmmaking and a constant source of inspiration!"

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William R

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  I watched your critique today and it was great!  We learned a ton from watching it.  We will rewatch it just to make sure things sink in but we will definitely apply the lessons learned to the new films we are working on.”

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fStop Foundation

"Thank you Jake for your guidance and mentorship.  It is truly appreciated and it is helping us make better films and tell better stories.”

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