FREE Wildlife Filmmaking Training with Jake Willers

  • Do your films lack that TV production quality?

  • Are you struggling to create image sequences that look professional and tell your story well?

  • In this FREE 90 minute training video (it's long I know, but contains super valuable info.) I show 2 tools I created to streamline my workflow and stay on track to produce TV quality productions.

    1. The 6x3 Film Framework - Maintain focus on the elements necessary to produce TV quality productions every time.
    2. Build a Sequence/Sequence Breakdown Tool - Create sequences that tell compelling visual stories just like the pros.

    Along with the video are 2 worksheets for you to download and use in your own productions to help keep you focused on getting the results you want from your productions.

    I know only too well how hard it can be when you're producing, filming, hosting and editing all your own content, which is why I created these tools. 

  • Jake Willers is a Nat Geo TV Presenter & Award Winning Filmmaker. He has hosted 30 Shows, which have aired in 147 Countries, in 25 Languages with networks including Nat Geo WILD, Channel five and the National Geographic Channel.

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