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Jake takes his audiences on an inspirational journey as he draws a parallel between wildlife filmmaking and the obstacles we all face in life.


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Meet Jake

Jake is an international TV presenter, filmmaker and host of the Master Wildlife Filmmaking Podcast. He has traveled to 38 countries and filmed in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. Having grown up on a wildlife park that he managed for many years, Jake gained a wealth of experience and a passion for the natural world, which he now injects into his filmmaking.

Jake has hosted 30 wildlife shows, which have enjoyed success in 147 countries and been translated into 25 languages, working with channels including National Geographic Channel International, Nat Geo Wild, and Channel FIVE, UK. In 2007 Jake moved from Cambridge, England to the US and formed NineCaribou Productions, LLC a production company dedicated to expanding people's knowledge of wildlife and the world around us.

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