Where to Place Remote GoPro Cameras for Wildlife

advice cameras gopro Nov 01, 2018

Where to Place Remote GoPro Cameras for Wildlife

Knowing where to place remote cameras to get the best possible wildlife footage is essential. In this case filming mule deer during their migration using new wildlife overpasses for the first time.

It all comes down to observing the animals behavior and looking for signs to indicate how they move in the area you're looking to film them in.

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The Weather Doesn't Always Cooperate

advice Jul 30, 2018

 Much of the time wildlife filmmaking is all about waiting and patience.

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Scouting Filming Locations

advice Sep 04, 2017

Scouting wildlife filming locations is essential to understanding the lay of the land. Knowing where animals are moving so you aren't disturbing them during set up and filming makes all the difference when it comes to getting great wildlife shots.
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Discipline Is the Most Important Thing

advice Jun 27, 2017

Discipline in all aspects of our lives is the most important thing you can nurture.

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Finding the Story

advice q&a May 09, 2017

This week's question: How do you find a story when looking to make a wildlife film?

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Use of Drones in Wildlife Filmmaking

advice Apr 24, 2017

Using a drone to capture stunning footage for a wildlife show is standard practice these days but using them respectfully is the key.

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Making the Most of Natural Light

advice Apr 17, 2017

Filming at the at the optimum time of day to make use of the natural splendor of the sun is essential to getting high quality shots.

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The Perfection Trap

advice Aug 20, 2016

Avoid the Perfection Trap - learn to settle for less and finish your production on time!

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Doing Other Gigs + a Test Drive of a Tesla in Ludicrous Mode!

advice Jul 28, 2016

You don't have to just film wildlife. Gaining experience while filming other subjects is so valuable. Today I was filming the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory for CNN Money and got to test drive a Tesla Model S. GREAT FUN!

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How Do You Find The Drive To Keep Going When Just Starting?

advice q&a Jul 15, 2016

Times can be tough when you're just starting out as a wildlife filmmaker. So how do you find the drive and passion to keep going?

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