Join us on the Behind the Wild Lens Podcast as we uncover the mesmerizing secrets and captivating stories behind your beloved natural history TV shows. Immerse yourself in the thrilling journey from the lens to your screen, guided by the unsung heroes - camera wizards, insightful producers, charismatic TV hosts, brilliant composers, editing maestros, and visionary directors. Let us pull back the curtain for an exclusive insider's peek into the enchanting realm of wildlife filmmaking. Prepare to be awestruck by the magic that brings nature to life before your very eyes!

(Formerly the Master Wildlife Filmmaking Podcast)

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51. Roger Horrocks

At 36 years old Roger realized he no longer wanted to be a senior executive of a fortune 500 company so he resigned and pursued a career in wildlife filmmaking.

50. George Vlad

George Vlad records sounds. He likes to focus on pristine natural soundscapes free from human influence, of which there are less and less every day.

49. Dr Fredi Devas

Fredi has directed some of the most successful natural history series in existence... he also knows where the record button is on a camera!

48. Ben Masters

Ben and the team at Fin & Fur Films blends strong messages with beautiful filmmaking in all their films and Deep in the Heart is no exception.

47. Tony Lee Moral

From directing Bear Grylls in a camel carcass in the Sahara to becoming an Author & Novelist Tony has had a diverse palette of roles.

46. Hazen Audel

Being swarmed by bees, stampeded by elephants and eating tribal delicacies are just some of the daily activities Hazen finds himself enduring!

45. Alan Lacy

Life sometimes throws us a curve ball and we have to make a course correction, but taking that leap when opportunity reveals itself can be hard, yet Alan went for it!

44. Best Advice

The Best Advice Compilation No.1 contains advice from 11 guests from previous episodes. This advice is so valuable it needs to be heard again and again.

43. Jamie McPherson

Jamie is best known for epic wildlife gimbal cinematography from all types of vehicles such as helicopters, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and his DIY cine-buggy.

42. Sripad Sridhar

Sripad Sridhar experienced an event when he was just 21 where he could have lost his life. That event cemented his desire to become a wildlife filmmaker.

41. Coyote Peterson

With 20 million YouTube subscribers, and over 4 billion views on the Brave Wilderness channel Coyote has learned a thing or two about building a brand from the ground up.

40. Jayaprakash Bojan

From Nature Photographer to Wildlife Filmmaker, Jayaprakash has taken the leap and now spends the majority of his time filming wildlife in Singapore for NGOs.

39. Andy Casagrande IV

Andy Casagrande IV knows a thing or two about sharks as he spends most of his time underwater with them. Andy's not afraid to give away great advice and inspire a new generation of filmmakers!

38. Rooted Media

Barend & Henk chat about their TV series Rooted, how they got their start in the industry, and overcoming the challenges of filming during a pandemic.

37. Erin Ranney

Erin discusses her passion for long lens filming, how she navigated her way through the industry and why it so important to pursue your own goals.

36. Lisa Samford

From her beginning as a journalist & graphic designer to her current role as Executive Director of Jackson Wild, Lisa discusses the importance of drive and passion.

35. Jake Willers

Jake speaks about his early years running a wildlife park, his move into wildlife filmmaking and how he now juggles his work and career.

34. Casey Anderson

Casey chats about his early years breaking into the industry, his latest film, and the passion that drives him to make wildlife films.

33. Jeff Hogan

Jeff discusses filming in Yellowstone, working with Sir David Attenborough & Chris Morgan, and utilizing custom made camera traps to film mountain lions.

31. Sophie Darlington

Sophie shares her journey into wildlife filmmaking, the importance of a strong message in her films and diversity in the future of the industry.

30. Janet Han Vissering

Janet discusses her, not so straight forward, journey into the wildlife filmmaking industry and offers some great insight into Nat Geo Wild's program selection process.

29. Ivo Nörenberg

Ivo discusses his journey into wildlife filmmaking as well as how he managed to persuade Canon to build the CN20 lens, now synonymous with wildlife filmmaking. 

28. Rob Whitehair

Rob shares his career story, chats about his film Hollywood Fox and explains why his latest ventures, Wild Propaganda and Mammalz, are so important.

27. Rob Nelson

Rob discusses his passion for science communication, why he's chosen his particular career path, the ups and downs of it all and his new book.

26. Doug Allan

Doug discusses how he broke into the industry meeting David Attenborough and crew in the Antarctic, how advances in filming gear has changed his workflow, and so much more.

25. Nate Dappen

Nate talks about grant writing, gear obsession, the importance of contingency plans, and the need for a healthy balance between filming and family.

24. Dan O'Neill

Dan discusses his films 'Queen of Birds' and 'To Find a Harpy', his global explorations, the importance of having a management agency, and his Wilderland Film Festival.

23. Patricia Fearnley

Patricia discusses working on marketing the landmark series' Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II and how marketing strategies are evolving.

22. Judy Lehmberg

Judy’s story is certainly not the norm. Judy is a former college biology teacher now following her passion for wildlife filmmaking.

21. Stephen Dunleavy

Stephen talks about his start in the industry, his time at the BBC, founding Humble Bee Films and working with Nigel Marven and Sir David Attenborough.

20. Dusty Hulet

Dusty explains how he became a wildlife filmmaker, his experience filming in bear dens, and the dreaded burnout and depression that struck during the fundraising and making of his latest film.

19. Ben Hamilton

Ben tells us how he broke into the industry, stories from his latest project filming in the wilds of Alaska, and shares some valuable filmmaking advice.

18. Gaelin Rosenwaks

Gaelin shares her story of studying as a marine scientist and filming with National Geographic to founding Global Ocean Exploration to share her passion for the ocean, marine conservation and photography.

17. Cody Westheimer

Cody’s passion for nature has helped him to carve out a niche in the natural history genre, working with networks including Discovery, Smithsonian, Netflix, IMAX and many more.

16. Alex Jones

Alex's passion for macro-wildlife cinematography is evident as he explains his aspirations as a wildlife filmmaker.

15. Dereck & Beverly Joubert

Dereck & Beverly describe their lives living together in the wilds of Africa, their conservation achievements and the all to recent buffalo incident.

14. Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan explains his career path and talks about the many adventures with bears that have shaped his life and films working with PBS, BBC, Discovery and National Geographic Television.

13. Stephanie Arne

Stephanie describes her path to becoming the host of one of the longest running wildlife TV shows in history and how hard work, passion and an adventurous spirit are essential to fulfilling your dreams.

12. Patrick Dykstra

Inspirational story of how Patrick's passion for the blue whale lead him to become a cinematographer on the BBC's Blue Planet 2.

11. Bob Poole

Jake talks with National Geographic cameraman and host of Man Among Cheetahs, Bob Poole at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2017

10. Richard & Carol Foster

Join Jake as he talks with filmmaking couple Richard and Carol Foster from their Belize jungle studio.

9. Kim Wolhuter

Join Jake Willers as he talks with the Maverick Wildlife Filmmaker Kim Wolhuter.

8. Hardy Jones

Join Jake Willers as he talks with Filmmaker Hardy Jones about his experiences exposing the dolphin slaughter in Japan.

7. Howard & Michele Hall

Join Jake Willers as he talks with both IMAX 3D Director and Producer, Howard and Michele Hall.

6. Chris Palmer

Join Jake Willers as he talks with IMAX Producer, Author and Distinguished Film Producer in Residence at American University, Chris Palmer.

5. Vanessa Serrao

Join Jake Willers as he talks with the Director of Science and Exploration Media at National Geographic, Vanessa Serrao.

4. Ali Alvarez

Join Jake Willers as he talks with filmmaker Ali Alvarez about her new film Muerte Es Vida or Death Is Life. 

3. Roshan Patel

Join Jake Willers as he talks with filmmaker Roshan Patel about his new film Red Wolf Revival.

2. Matthew Podolsky

Join Jake Willers as he talks with filmmaker Matt Podolsky of Wild Lens, and host of the Eyes on Conservation podcast. Matt's recent films include Scavenger Hunt and Bluebird Man.

1. Rick Rosenthal

Join Jake Willers as he talks with four-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker Rick Rosenthal who's filming accomplishments include PLANET EARTH, BLUE PLANET and LIFE.

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