MWF 33: Jeff Hogan - Emmy Nominated Wildlife Cinematographer

Jeff discusses filming in Yellowstone, working with Sir David Attenborough & Chris Morgan, and utilizing custom made camera traps to film mountain lions.

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Wildlife cinematographer Jeff Hogan has been filming and photographing wildlife around the world for over 30 years earning numerous awards for his work including several Emmy nominations for Cinematography.

Being a naturalist at heart, Jeff’s passion is to witness wildlife behavior, and to get a privileged view into the secret lives of wildlife, capturing intimate imaging that illustrates the unique story’s that abound throughout the Natural world.

Jeff resides in the heart of the Yellowstone Ecosystem with his wife Karen and son Finn with homes in both Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Silver Gate, Montana.

Living on the doorstep of both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Jeff often captures behavioral sequences rarely witnessed in the wild.

Bringing these images and stories to the screen is Jeff’s goal, with the understanding and hope that society will respond with a desire to conserve, protect and treasure our incredible natural worlds.  And restore our wild lands to complete intact ecosystem once again.


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