MWF 32: Miraca Walker - BBC Researcher for Planet Earth 3

Miraca describes her career journey and delves into her process to find and develop story ideas for the BBC's landmark series Planet Earth 3.

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Note: All opinions expressed by Miraca are her own and do not necessarily represent that of the BBC or any other organization.

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In 2013 Miraca Walker joined the BBC’s Natural History Unit as an apprentice and has since worked on many series including the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning series Planet Earth II.

Her background is in natural history filmmaking, including production management and development, where she has been in the field working in a variety of environments from hot humid climates and swamps to temperate forests and filmed species such as Macaques, moose, beavers, chipmunks, and red crabs.

She is now the researcher for ‘Open Plains’ and ‘Human’ episodes of the global landmark series Planet Earth III.


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