MWF 29: Ivo Nörenberg - Wildlife Cinematographer Who Proposed The CN20 50-1000mm Lens To Canon

Ivo discusses his journey into wildlife filmmaking as well as how he managed to persuade Canon to build the CN20 lens, now synonymous with wildlife filmmaking.


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Ivo Norenberg has been working as a long-lens wildlife camera operator for over 20 years. Ne has a lifelong passion for wild places, and has filmed in over 20 countries across the globe: from -40°C in Siberia and the high Canadian Arctic, to +45°C in arid landscapes of India and Africa, to the damp and humid tropical jungles of West Africa and South America.

He specializes in long-lens camera work, but also have experience with gyro-stabilized camera systems, thermal cameras, motion-control systems, sliders, remote cameras and time lapse as well as multiple drones. He also likes to build custom camera equipment to achieve unique perspectives and make impossible pictures possible.

Ivo was a producer and camera operator for Gulo Film Productions from 2004 - 2020.

His films include,

  • Lost Kings of Bioko
  • White Wolves – Ghosts of the Arctic / Arctic Wolf Pack
  • America’s National Parks – Yellowstone
  • The Real Jungle Book Bear
  • Nordic Wild / Viking Wilderness / Wild Scandinavia – Finland + Sweden
  • Wild Russia – Primeval Valleys
  • Wolverines – Hyenas of the North / Wolverine X

    And Ivo has filmed sequences for multiple productions including:
  • Perfect Planet - The Sun, BBC One
  • Dynasties II - Meerkat, BBC One
  • Monkey Kingdom, Disney Nature
  • Frozen Planet - Winter, BBC One
  • The Real Jungle Book Bear - Natural World, BBC Two
  • Russia - In the Realm of Tigers, Bears and Volcanoes



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