MWF 27: Rob Nelson - Biologist & Emmy Award Winning Science Communicator

Rob discusses his passion for science communication, why he's chosen his particular career path, the ups and downs of it all and his new book.


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Rob Nelson began his career as a marine scientist.  He earned a bachelors degree in Marine Science from the University of Miami.  He spent a year studying in Australia at James Cook University in 1999 where he met fellow producer and co-host Jonas Stenstrom.  He later got a masters degree at the University of Hawaii where he studied the behavioral and population ecology of the Hawaiian Shrimp Goby and how they interact with predators like hammerhead sharks.

Rob’s time in Hawaii was spent doing research and making films of both his and his colleagues findings.  Since he enjoyed science and filmmaking he decided to mold both passions together and got accepted to do a masters in Science Filmmaking at Montana State University’s Science and Natural History Filmmaking Program.

Rob is not only a biologist but also an Emmy award winning science communicator who currently acts as the director of the non-profit, Untamed Science. He is the lead creative director and producer for the video content developed through the US branch of the company. He also writes and coordinates much of the content for the website. Rob’s real passion lies in educating people about the natural world and helping people tell their own stories about it. These passions have led him to take Untamed Science into classrooms via Pearson Publishing (reaching nearly 6 million students a year), on Youtube via their science channel and via science filmmaking tutorials.  

Rob debuted his TV hosting career on Animal Planet’s hit show  Life After – Chernobyl.  From there he hosted 2 seasons of Science Channel’s Secrets of the Underground and Discovery Channel’s Man-eating Python of Sulawesi. He was also an on-camera expert for the series What on Earth, Strange Evidence, the Nat Geo Wild show Worlds Weirdest, and National Geographic’s Animals Gone Wild. Rob also co-hosted DNews with Julia Wilde.

As a director/host, Rob got an Emmy for his work on Mysteries of the Driftless in 2014 and the sequel Decording the Driftless which won best picture at the Los Angeles Film festival in 2019.


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