MWF 25: Nate Dappen - Biologist, Photographer & Co-founder of Day's Edge Productions

Nate talks with Jake about grant writing, gear obsession, the importance of insurance and contingency plans, and the need for a healthy balance between filming and family.


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Nate Dappen is a biologist, photographer and filmmaker based in San Diego, CA. He is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and an Affiliate of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

He studied sexual and ontogenetic color evolution of the Ibiza Wall Lizard in grad school at the University of Miami, earning his Ph.D. in Biology in 2012. Since then, he’s been making science, natural history, and adventure documentaries full-time.

Nate co-founded Day’s Edge Productions with Neil Losin in 2012. Their clients include; National Geographic, The Smithsonian Channel, The National Science Foundation, Terra Mater Factual Studios, WWF, PBS, NPR and REI to name just a very few.

And their list of film festival ‘official selections’ and ‘awards’ is, well, just way to vast to even begin to list!


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