MWF 23: Patricia Fearnley - Head of Natural History Content BBC Worldwide

Patricia discusses working on marketing the landmark series Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II and how marketing strategies are evolving.



Patricia Fearnley is the Head of Natural History in the Content team at BBC Worldwide, responsible for all natural history acquisitions from both the BBC Natural History Unit and independent production companies. 

Patricia has 26 years experience in the TV industry. She started off as a Production Secretary before becoming a Production Manager working in most departments across the BBC working on titles like Walking with Beasts, Krakatoa: The Last Days, World War II: Behind Closed Doors, Wild Weather and Horizon before joining BBC Worldwide in 2007 as part of the Content Acquisitions team. 

Over the past 13 years, Patricia has successfully acquired distribution rights for titles like Planet Earth II, Africa, Spy in the Wild, Frozen Planet, Life Story, History of the World, The Hunt and Blue Planet II, helping to pull together production finance for these epic landmark series then working with Commissioning and Marketing teams to deliver and promote the content to audiences and buyers.


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