MWF 21: Stephen Dunleavy - Creative Director at Humble Bee Films

Stephen talks about his start in the industry, his time at the BBC, founding Humble Bee Films and working with Nigel Marven and Sir David Attenborough.


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Stephen started his career looking to become a sound recordist on natural history films, but instead became a researcher on an IMAX production for 18 months.

He later transitioned to working for the BBC as a researcher, producer and director.

Then in 2009 Stephen set up Humble Bee Films with the express aim of producing standout factual television focusing on nature, science and history.

Humble Bee films has an impressive roster of films including:

- Attenborough and the Giant Elephant
- David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities
- Amazing Pigs
- Tasmania: Weird and Wonderful
- Planet Parrot
- The Real Dingo
- Walrus: Two Tonne Tusker
- Komodo: The Dragon’s Bite


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