Sripad Sridhar - Director of Photography Based in India

Sripad Sridhar experienced an event when he was just 21 where he could have lost his life. That event cemented his desire to become a wildlife filmmaker.

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Sripad's Wesite:
Film '4 Deadliest Snakes of India | A Survival Guide':
Film 'Tigers of Chandrapur':
Film 'Reminiscing Wetlands'


I grew up in a home surrounded by animals and a healthy dose of natural history television. I caught the photography bug when I was 17, I used to borrow my uncles Sony CyberShot 3MP camera and go crazy with the macro features in my garden, chasing painted frogs and long legged flies on our mango tree. 

I had decided unconsciously in my mind that this is all I wanted to do with my life, But wildlife filmmaking was a unconventional choice for a career, I came from a fairy academic and business oriented school and family background, for years I had to argue and convince my parents that this is what I wanted to pursue. I ended up pursuing wildlife photography quite seriously when I was in college, reaching the finals and semi finals quite often in The Natural History Museum wildlife photographer of the year. As per my parents wishes I did my undergrad in commerce and my postgrad in climate change and economics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (a sort of corporate choice as opposed to a wildlife photographer).
I worked for the UN at their HQ in Vienna immediately after, doing carbon footprint calculations for them, quickly realised I hated it and got back to india, still in two minds. 

Then a near life ending road accident on a bus while on the way to a job interview, where I escaped with my life, was a distinct turning point. After which I realised how abruptly one's life can end. At that moment I dropped everything else and single mindedly decided to become a wildlife filmmaker. I was 21. 

After that, things started happening, I met the right people at the right time, I met my mentor/boss Sara (Saravnakumar ) a wildlife cameraman who had shot films for the BBC, Nat Geo, Animal Planet and many more international channels. His notable films are: BBC's  Leopards - 21st century cats, Secrets of wild India, Narrated by David Attenborough. He was doing a workshop on DSLR filmmaking and how you don't need big cameras to make films.After the 3 day workshop I knew I wanted more and just asked him if I could stick around! He agreed and my journey as a full time professional filmmaker began. 

Evanescence studios was born soon after and I have been making films for them since. There I learnt to do everything with regard to the filmmaking process, editing especially very early on, which is still my best advice to budding cameramen," learn to edit and you will become a better cameraman" I have been a part of over 300 films, small and large, either working as a DOP, Editor or Director at Evanescence, with the help of DSLR's and mirrorless cameras, we could offer high quality films to clients across various industries, which was not possible before in India, including for the large part, India's many wildlife conservation organizations. Through them came access to wildlife and the joy of knowing our films were helping these organizations represent and further their wildlife research, thereby in a way directly contributing to conservation efforts by making films, a satisfaction I probably would not have started making films for TV channels and entertainment. 


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