MWF 09: Kim Wolhuter - The Maverick Wildlife Filmmaker and the Host of Man, Cheetah, Wild.

Join Jake Willers as he talks with the Maverick Wildlife Filmmaker Kim Wolhuter.


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Kim had the good fortune of spending his early years growing up in the wilds of Africa: the Kruger National Park, South Africa, where his father, Henry Wolhuter, was the Head Ranger.

After two years national service in the South African mounted infantry and a degree in Grassland Science Kim entered the wildlife arena managing a game farm in Botswana. Later he served as Senior Warden of Mlawula Nature Reserve in Swaziland before taking up wildlife filmmaking.

Today he finds himself following the family tradition, although in a slightly different way, making documentaries on southern African Wildlife. Since 1988 Kim has made wildlife documentaries for National Geographic Channel, the BBC, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Kim has developed a very different niche in the wildlife filmmaking market, he has spent at least two years on a production, getting to bond and develop very intimate relationships with his film subjects. These include Leopard, Hyaena, Cheetah and African Wild Dogs. 

Through these intimate alliances he has not only been able to document the animal’s lives up close and personal, but people are seeing these animals in a way they’ve never seen them before and are able to engage more with the animal and almost feel what it’s like to be that animal.

Kim walks, runs, hunts and sleeps with these animals so much that they completely accept his presence. This intimacy provides a new look into animal behaviour, which at times is new to science.

Currently Kim lives on Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana, where he's out every day and often all night living alongside his film subjects. This is no job, Kim says, but a true passion handed down through generations of our Wolhuter family.

Kim has produced, filmed and directed a long list of films including Africa’s Deadly Dozen, Living with Leopards, Predators at War, A Dog’s Life, Lioness in Exile and Hyena Queen to name a few. 

He also directed, filmed, produced and stars in the Discovery Channels "Man, Cheetah, Wild". 


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