MWF 08: Hardy Jones - Filmmaker, Author and Co-Founder of

Join Jake Willers as he talks with Filmmaker Hardy Jones about his experiences exposing the dolphin slaughter in Japan.


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Hardy Jones has spent more than thirty years investigating and working to save dolphins. He began unique research on dolphins in the Bahamas in 1978 which has led to four internationally broadcast films and many awards. 

In 1979 He broke the story of the slaughter of dolphins at Iki Island, Japan which led to international outrage and helped shut down the killing of dolphins in several villages in Japan.  Since then Hardy has worked at Futo and Taiji to stop the last vestiges of slaughter on Japan’s main island. 
Hardy has covered the increasing levels of toxic chemicals in the oceans and their connection to disease in dolphins and human beings. Hardy is a former journalist with CBS News. He attended Tulane University and studied law at Columbia University under a CBS Foundation Fellowship.
As well as co-founding the non-profit with actor Ted Danson in 2000, Hardy is also the author of The Voice of the Dolphins, which covers his 33 years of work, and extraordinary underwater encounters with dolphins, killer whales and sperm whales.



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