MWF 17: Cody Westheimer - Music Composer at New West Studios

Cody’s passion for nature has helped him to carve out a niche in the natural history genre, working with networks including Discovery, Smithsonian, Netflix, IMAX and many more.


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When Cody Westheimer is not running, riding his bike or exploring the wilderness he is racking up credits as diverse as they are interesting.

To date, he's amassed well over 100 hours of music for feature films, documentary series and iconic sports themes such as the Tour de France on NBC. He is the composer for the recently released IMAX film “Journey to Space 3D” and his main theme for the 2007 game “The Golden Compass” was nominated for the GANG ‘Track of the Year.’

An avid craftsman, Cody has built many items at the New West Studios compund. His studio desk out of reclaimed lumber and most recently he built a portable music studio out of typical road case materials - which was recently profiled by Mix Magazine and a mini-documentary for Outside Television "Dispatches" is currently airing on the cable network.

In addition to his career as a composer Cody enjoys photography, making short films and playing lesser played instruments like the banjo and Japanese shakuhachi.

Cody’s passion for nature has helped him to carve out a niche in natural history documentaries and TV series genre, his credits to date include True Wolf, How I became an Elephant, Discovery Channel special Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba, Law of the Lizard, Terra Mater’s Badlands and H is for Hawk.



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