MWF 16: Alex Jones - Adventurer & Filmmaker Specializing in Macro-Cinematography

Alex's passion for macro-wildlife cinematography is evident as he explains his aspirations as a wildlife filmmaker.


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Alex Jones is one of the few blue-chip wildlife cinematographers based in Southern California. Alex is a four-time nominee and Panda Award Winner of the world renowned "Wildscreen Film Festival” UK and the “Wild and Scenic Film Festival” in Nevada City, USA. 

Alex specializes in top-side animal behavior and macro wildlife cinematography. He’s worked on multiple TV shows, films and commercials in Los Angeles as director of photography and in addition, Alex produces his own blue-chip wildlife films. Alex’s client list includes BBC Natural History Unit, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, BBC Earth and Curiosity Stream.

Alex is a skilled wildlife cinematographer with an adventurous spirit, an inquisitive mind and a passion for cinematic wildlife content. 


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