MWF 10: Richard & Carol Foster - 28 years filmmaking from their jungle studio in Belize.

Join Jake as he talks with filmmaking couple Richard and Carol Foster from their Belize jungle studio.


Connect with Richard and Carol to keep up-to-date with their latest adventures:

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Richard and Carol Foster are documentary filmmakers specializing in natural history and the environment. Working out of their jungle studio in Belize they have made films for the major networks including National Geographic and the BBC, which include parts of the Planet Earth and Life series.

The Foster’s are highly experienced at bringing to the screen the intricate hidden stories of natural behavior. Living with the rain forests and the barrier reef on their door step they have the opportunity to find and film material not easily achieved by visiting filmmakers. Throughout their twenty-eight year career they have worked all over the world winning multiple awards for their work including two Emmy’s.

Their work includes the films:

Land of the Anaconda,
Rat Wars,
Night Stalkers - Predator Bats of Central America,
Journey Through the Underworld,
Jungle Nights,
Feasts of the Giant Sharks,
Realm of the Serpent
and Jaguar: Year of the Cat to name just a few.

They are currently using their skills to highlight the threats to the environment and nature by man and climate change--subjects to which they are passionately committed.


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