Jamie McPherson - Director of Photography & Producer

Jamie is best known for epic wildlife gimbal cinematography from all types of vehicles such as helicopters, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and his DIY cine-buggy.

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Jamie's Wesite: https://www.jamiemcpherson.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/byjamiemcpherson/
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I am a wildlife documentary cameraman, DoP and producer. Over the past 22 years I have worked on many landmark series and films for Netflix, Disneynature and the BBC.

I have won multiple BAFTAs and EMMYs for cinematography. I specialise in tracking vehicle work – using gimbals mounted on vehicles to film behaviour and create sequences with style and movement.

I am currently the Series Director of Photography on a major new 8-part Netflix series being made by Silverback Films.

I recently worked on Our Planet, which is now showing on Netflix. I was one of the principle camera operators and worked on 18 sequences across the series.

Before that I was principle camera operator on The Hunt (BBC, 2015) and worked on all episodes, contributing to 20 sequences across the series.

I try to give my camerawork a distinctive style and cinematic feel, to engage the audience and give them a real sense of the animal and its environment.

For me these rigs are not about camera gimmicks, but immersing the viewer in the animal’s world… to create sequences which are engaging and cinematic.

I enjoy the challenge of filming behaviour with gyrostabilised systems. You need a great understanding, not only of the animal, but of the capabilities of the camera platform.

You have to be able to coordinate both vehicle and/or crane movement, whilst reading and predicting what the animal is about to do and operating a long lens via remote control.
Great fun!

I develop and adapt rigs for each sequence to meet the particular challenges of the environment and species.

I work closely with Producers to deliver on the editorial brief and try to create styles which are engaging and cinematic.

I love the challenge of pioneering new camera rigs, developing filming techniques and pushing myself to find new ways to tell engaging stories.

I have experience of filming in all environments. Sub-zero conditions in the Arctic, Antarctic, Russia, Europe, New Foundland, Northern Canada and North America. At high altitude on Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and the Andes. On the savannahs of East Africa and North America, to the forests of Europe, India, South America, West Africa, Central Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam. In the deserts of South America, Israel and Southern Africa, to the coastal waters of the Arctic, Antarctic, UK, North America, Caribbean, Central and South America and the open ocean in the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic and Southern Ocean.


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