Hazen Audel - Survival Instructor & Host of 'Survive the Tribe', 'Primal Survivor'

Being swarmed by bees, stampeded by elephants and eating tribal delicacies are just some of the daily activities Hazen finds himself enduring!

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Hazen's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hazenaudel/?hl=en


Hazen Audel is an American adventurer, television presenter, biologist, educator, natural history guide, and artist who is best known for his National Geographic series 'Primal Survivor'. The series, which is running successfully for four seasons since 2016, documents his journeys to remote locations and 'survive' the rigorous life of indigenous people.

He had previously collaborated with the channel to film living with a Native American tribe for a week in the 2014 series 'Survive the Tribe'.

Known for his infectious enthusiasm, Audel has traveled across the world for over two decades, and has participated in exotic activities including crocodile egg hunting in Papua New Guinea, spear-fishing in the Western Pacific Coral Islands, and herding reindeers in Norway.

As an educator, he taught biology and art at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington for 11 years starting in 2003. He co-founded 'The Wild Classroom' and is one of the original members of 'Untamed Science'.



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