Fredi Devas - Director Planet Earth II & III, Seven Worlds One Planet, Antarctica IMAX

Fredi has directed some of the most successful natural history series in existence... he also knows where the record button is on a camera!

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Planet Earth III Website: Planet Earth III, Human
Seven Worlds, One Planet: Seven Worlds One Planet


Dr. Fredi Devas is a wildlife filmmaker who cares deeply about the natural world and the challenges it faces. After completing a PhD on Chacma baboons in Namibia, Fredi did research on the bushmeat trade in Equatorial Guinea and then spent time living with the San bushmen in Southern Africa.

Having worked on Meerkat Manor and Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures, he joined the BBC to work on Frozen Planet and then Wild Arabia. He’s been lucky enough to film polar bears feasting on a whale carcass, camel racing with robotic jockeys, and be surrounded by nearly half a million King penguins.

On Planet Earth II he decided to leave the wildernesses behind to produce and direct the ‘Cities’ episode. Highlights included filming langurs and macaques in India, and hyenas roaming the streets in Ethiopia, where he was struck by the harmonious relationship between people and the potentially dangerous animals they shared their cities with.

On Planet Earth III he returned to his passion for documenting the changing landscape for wildlife surviving in a Human world. There are extraordinary examples of animals doing remarkably well living amongst people. However, while filming the fires in the Amazon, he was struck by the enormous impact human activity is having on the natural world, and the urgent need to reduce our footprint on this planet.


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