MWF 37: Erin Ranney - Wildlife Camerawomen & Deep-Sea Video Engineer

Erin discusses her passion for long lens filming, how she navigated her way through the industry and why it so important to pursue your own goals.

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Erin Ranney is a wildlife camerawoman based in Alaska and Washington State and she also has temporary residency in the Falkland Islands. Erin has a variety of remote field experience, both on boats and land, and has set up and run remote field camps in Alaska. 

After finishing her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology at Washington State University and working as a field technician in the rainforests of Madagascar, Erin completed her Masters in Wildlife Documentary Production in England. She then began interning with Mark Emery films and assisting cameramen in the field.

Erin now works as a camerawoman for companies such as the BBC, PBS, Smithsonian and the National Geographic Channel.  She is currently working on a new National Geographic series and has just finished an episode on a children’s conservation series for CBBC that she both filmed and hosted.

As well as filming wildlife on land, Erin is also a deep- sea video engineer. She originally trained during an internship with Dr. Robert Ballard’s exploration vessel, Nautilus, controlling the live cameras on ROVs at depths of 4000 meters.

Erin is a third generation commercial fisherwoman on the largest sockeye salmon run in the world and still runs a commercial set net fishing operation in Bristol Bay Alaska.

She is a trained guide and naturalist in bear country and has consulted with production companies for Alaska based films. She is also an FAA certified drone pilot, a certified Wilderness First Responder and BSAC certified SCUBA diver.



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