Coyote Peterson - Host of Brave Wilderness, Wild Field Trip & Brave the Wild

With 20 million YouTube subscribers, and over 4 billion views on the Brave Wilderness channel Coyote has learned a thing or two about building a brand from the ground up.

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Since early childhood, animals have played a significant role in Coyote Peterson’s life. As he passed through high school and into college, Coyote discovered his second passion in his love for film and television. While a student at The Ohio State University, he studied video production, writing, and directing. His deep admiration for wildlife and video production inspired him to combine the two mediums.

Today, Coyote is proud to be an Emmy Award-winning host on YouTube’s “Brave Wilderness” channel.  With an adventurous nature and a joyful curiosity for wildlife, Coyote’s personality creates a friendly and inviting space while getting up close with animals to uncover the true stories behind some of our planet’s most misunderstood creatures. Known for his trademark leather cowboy hat, backpack, and bandanna, many of our youngest fans are driven to emulate him as he educates viewers about the world of animals and fosters a future that conserves environments and their species. Forever dedicated to the joys of storytelling, Coyote is constantly honing his craft to ensure audiences of all ages can partake in his animal adventures.

Coyote’s vision for the future of the Brave Wilderness brand is vast. Whether he is diving into the water to catch a giant turtle or putting himself up against the sting of a bullet ant, he aspires to educate and entertain above all else!



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